dog lion costume 1

Dog Lion Costume

Let your fur best friend get into the holiday spirit along with you when you dress them in our pet costumes! You can pick up an adorable dog costumes featuring superhero logos and character outfits. Let your pup be the Robin to your Batman or the minion to your Gru. If you want to just […]

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dog collar and leash set 1

Dog Collar And Leash Set

Located just outside Providence, Rhode Island, Up Country offers high quality dog collars, dog leads, dog harnesses, cat collars, cat harness and leash sets, and other pet products with style. Our company manufactures our ribbon pet collars, leashes, harnesses, pet beds, toys and many other of our products in our East Providence factory, all hand […]

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dog leash and collar 1

Dog Leash And Collar

Dog Leashes & Collars Your dog loves to walk, but do you love walking your dog? If you are finding yourself being dragged around by your curious canine, tied up in leash knots, it’s probably time to start leash training. It may come as a surprise to first time pup parents, but dogs don’t naturally […]

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pictures of st bernard dogs 1

Pictures Of St Bernard Dogs

The Saint Bernard originated in Switzerland along with several other breeds, including the Bernese Mountain Dog, Entlebuch Cattle Dog, Appenzell Cattle Dog, and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.They probably were created when dogs native to the Alps were crossed with Mastiff-type dogs that came with the Roman army during the time of the emperor Augustus. By […]

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bow tie dog collar 1

Bow Tie Dog Collar

HomeAccessoryNeckties & Bow Ties Neckties & Bow Ties Add a debonair flair to your pooch’s collar with Handsome Hound bow ties & neckties for dogs from Puppy Kisses. We carry prints, argyle, plaid and striped dog ties. These bow ties and neck ties for your dog have a 4″ Velcro closing, for easy attachment to […]

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crystal dog collars 1

Crystal Dog Collars

Shifting your thinking from conventional to natural can be freeing but at the same time overwhelming. You’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities to wellness and healing. Many healing modalities are pushed aside as being unscientific, unreliable, or ineffective, primarily because they are not embraced by conventional medicine or don’t have a long […]

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dog collar boutique 1

Dog Collar Boutique

We feature fancy designer dog collars and leashes for the stylish and fashionable dog owner’s dog! You’ll be delighted by the trendy designer dog collars and leashes we offer our customers. You have great style, and now you can purchase a designer dog collar so your dog is always in style! We are a premier […]

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dog costumes for halloween 1

Dog Costumes For Halloween

Dog Costumes Will your dog be joining in on the festivities this season? If so, you’re going to need just the right funny dog costumes to embody the spirit of the special occasion. Our small and large dog costumes are canine-safe and so cute! Putting puppy costumes on your pooch will bring a smile to […]

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dog shelter columbus ohio 1

Dog Shelter Columbus Ohio

CHA Animal Shelter is a 501(c) nonprofit animal shelter in northeast Columbus, Ohio. CHA is funded solely by donations from adoption fees, donations from the public, and our own fundraising efforts. PAWS (Powell Animal Welfare Society) is an all-volunteer, all foster-based dog rescue serving the Columbus, Ohio area. Our volunteers rescue, provide veterinary care and […]

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ewok dog costume 1

Ewok Dog Costume

Product Reviews Write A Review5 Total Reviews Ewok costume By lisa / October 19, 2013 This adorable Ewok costume for dogs is not only cute and cool but also pet friendly. The “hat” with the ears stays on your pet because of the drawstring. The outfit has Velcro and doesn’t need to be out over […]

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