corn dog costume 1

Corn Dog Costume

With Halloween quickly approaching, costumes are becoming a hot topic. Whether you’re discussing your costume while chatting at the water cooler or listening to your little one rattle off their potential disguises, it’s a discussion that’s increasing in popularity. For pet owners, costumes can be a great way to include your dog in the festivities. […]

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pictures of worms in dogs 1

Pictures Of Worms In Dogs

Search Add New Question If someone else’s dog had worms and pooped in my yard, how long can worms or eggs survive in the stool? Pippa Elliott, MRCVS Veterinarian, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Pippa Elliott, MRCVS If not cleaned up right away, the eggs can get into the soil and survive for months or […]

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big dog collars 1

Big Dog Collars

Dogs Collars and Leashes for ALL DogsUnlike most style-minded pet stores, our size options don’t end at the medium sized dog! Our dog collars are made to fit a wide range of sizes from petite pups all the way up to giant dog breeds. ALL our collars are made by small businesses that manufacture their […]

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pictures of tumors on dogs 2

Pictures Of Tumors On Dogs

You might not give much thought to dog skin cancer, because your loyal companion is covered with hair and protected from the sun. But you should know that skin tumors, which may be cancerous, are the most common tumors found in dogs. Fortunately, when caught early, many cases of dog skin cancer can be treated […]

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dog bed for crate 1

Dog Bed For Crate

Dog Crate Pads – Kennel Pads and Crate Mats Available Online Precision Pet SnooZZy Original Crate Beds Let your pets stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with these super soft dog crate pads. Precision Pet had both you and your pet in mind when creating these kennel pads, because we all […]

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dog collars amazon 1

Dog Collars Amazon

Comments on this Article james kevin Dec 15, 2015 Horrible Collars, you don’t have to use such harsh methods to control a large or disobedient dog. I would know considering my Dalmatian loves to chase squirrels. I use the Gencon All in 1 head collar, gives effective control without hurting my dog, its based on […]

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large breed dog crates 1

Large Breed Dog Crates

Drop Pin Style Dog Crates These crates are great for the pet owner who wants to put the crate in a static location. Each panel is separate and secured in the corner by a pin inserted down the channel. They are strong, tough crates that assemble easily without tools. The Midwest 1154U and the Solutions […]

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dog houses home depot 1

Dog Houses Home Depot

Animal advocacy groups are building 10 dog houses to pass out to dogs in need this winter. KSHB Animal advocacy groups are building 10 dog houses to pass out to dogs in need this winter. KSHB Copyright 2016 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Rated […]

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sugar skull dog collar 1

Sugar Skull Dog Collar

Vibrantly colored sugar skulls have a non-traditional twist in their decorations! Look closely and you will see that each has a pawprint or two. Their colors shine against a black background, butterflies add a joyful note, and the turquoise satin* lining adds a luminous interior touch. Perfect for fall and Halloween, this collar may just […]

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dog tracking collar 1

Dog Tracking Collar

Robert Rowe January 15, 2017 We are not happy with the Whistle tracker for a few reasons. 1. There is a 3 munute delay on the map display update, including the time he leaves his base station, which is useless when youre tracking a dog on the run. By the time you get to the […]

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