shock collar fence for dogs 1

Shock Collar Fence For Dogs

Electronic Fences and Shock Collars Electronic training devices such as electronic fences and anti-barking collars rely on painful punishment and negative reinforcement, causing dogs to live in fear of being electrocuted for normal behaviors like crossing invisible lines, barking, and jumping onto surfaces within their own homes. Positive training methods, in which dogs are rewarded […]

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unicorn dog costume 1

Unicorn Dog Costume

The perfect costume for your pup is only a short walk away, and Rover is at the ready! No need for a seeing-eye dog to spot the advantages of dressing up your pooch this Halloween; sure, you'll garner some attention as a muscle chest Batman, but dog Batman will get ten times the laughs and […]

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dog shelters in sacramento 1

Dog Shelters In Sacramento

Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups in the Sacramento Area Animal Shelters Animal shelters may take in lost or stray animals; adopt out animals; investigate animal cruelty; and provide vaccines, microchips and other services. Municipal shelters are funded by and serve residents of a specific city or county. Nonprofit shelters are funded through donations, grants, and […]

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lilly pulitzer dog collar 2

Lilly Pulitzer Dog Collar

About Previous item Next item Where the magic happens Just a few of my creations! Plastic shoe boxes come in handy for organizing fabric! A peek at some of the finishing touches that I put on my products Some of the fabrics available for custom collars I love using beautiful fabrics from Lilly Pulitzer, Rifle […]

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neon dog collars 1

Neon Dog Collars

Dog collars: most dogs have them, but not every dog gets our unique dog collars and unique dog leashes. Our designer dog collars are the epitome of fancy dog collars. Many dog collars we offer are Swarovsky crystal dog collars. We also carry dog collars and leashes that are fashion dog collars, training dog collars, […]

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bark collars for dogs 1

Bark Collars For Dogs

By Martin Deeley Let’s face it – dogs bark. Some dogs bark for good reason and some do for apparently little or no reason and some do a little of both. Of course there are also certain breeds that are more prone to barking than others. The dog problem is not always the barking but […]

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dog house restaurant 1

Dog House Restaurant

¡Ándele! RestauranteThe Dog House¡Ándele! Mercado Welcome! We are pleased to announce the opening of the ¡Ándele! Dog House, our new restaurant located across the street from our current location at 1983 Calle del Norte. In addition to the exceptional food you’ve come to expect from ¡Ándele! you can find new favorites such as Mexican Hot […]

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dog hammock bed 1

Dog Hammock Bed

elevated dog beds: raised dog beds & cots Take your pup’s trips to dreamland to new heights with an elevated dog bed from Petco. Raised dog beds and cots provide a comfortable oasis that is cooler and moisture-free thanks to the upturned and breathable nylon fabric surface available on most models. This dog cot feature […]

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electronic dog collars 1

Electronic Dog Collars

Electric Dog Collars: Remote & Wireless Dog Training E-Collars Slip into Petco for an electric dog collar that adds an extra spark to your pup’s look. Remote dog training collars play numerous roles that can be vital to your pet’s safety and wellbeing. A wireless dog collar with attached lead can be used to carry […]

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dog shelters in ma 1

Dog Shelters In Ma

We save lives, one dog at a time. We rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters and desperate situations, provide them with veterinary care and much needed TLC, and bring them to New England where we place them in safe, loving homes. Here’s how you can help… AdoptGive a deserving dog a new home. […]

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