dog bed covers 1

Dog Bed Covers

A new dog bed cover will breathe fresh life into your pet’s favorite resting spot. Anyone who has ever watched a dog get comfortable understands that it isn’t always an easy process. Dogs of all ages tug at their dog bed covers, knead and dig at the fabric with their paws, and sometimes seem to […]

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water resistant dog bed 1

Water Resistant Dog Bed

outdoor dog beds: waterproof, weatherproof & outside dog beds Come to Petco for the outdoor dog beds that can help your pup get some fresh air while they catch some ZZZs. Outside dog beds can also be a comfortable place for them to lay down and join in on backyard hangouts and bonfires. And because […]

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zero dog house 1

Zero Dog House

Hello Vlad, the tomb stone is about four feet tall, and twenty inches wide at the widest point. These measurements are approximate. I used the caulk itself as the glue to hold the two foam house pieces together, as well as all the shingles and the dog skull&crossbones. After I glued all the pieces together […]

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hot dog collars 1

Hot Dog Collars

About Hot Dog Collars DealsDo you want your pet to stand out from the crowd, look no further than Hot Dog Collars to find exactly what you’re looking for to spice up your pet’s life and image. Since 2003, Hot Dog Collars has been the number one online selection of engraved ID tags, personalized custom […]

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soundproof dog crate 1

Soundproof Dog Crate

Let’s face it… there’s no way to stop the noise of barking dogs. The only way to fix dog kennel noise issues is by installing proper dog kennel soundproofing.Dog Kennels, with their concrete floors and cinderblock walls, are perfect for creating unwanted echoes and amplifying noise. Because the surfaces are hard, sound waves bounce off […]

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hipster dog collars 1

Hipster Dog Collars

Hipsters. They’re so hot right now. Unhappy Hipsters, Hipster is the New Homeless, Stuff Hipsters Hate, etc. The long list of blogs celebrating hipster culture through humor seems to be growing at an exponential rate. In the sea of emerging hipster blogs, my personal favorite is the always hilarious Hipster Puppies. What’s cuter than a […]

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best dog costumes for halloween 1

Best Dog Costumes For Halloween

The perfect costume for your pup is only a short walk away, and Rover is at the ready! No need for a seeing-eye dog to spot the advantages of dressing up your pooch this Halloween; sure, you'll garner some attention as a muscle chest Batman, but dog Batman will get ten times the laughs and […]

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decorative dog crates 1

Decorative Dog Crates

I am in the process of redecorating our living room, and the changes I’ve made haven’t left a great place to store our dogs’ crates. My pomeranians are small, but even their tiny crates are an a eyesore. I’m ready to find a more attractive solution to the problem! I’ve done some research and found […]

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dog beds costco 1

Dog Beds Costco

If you’re not at all sure what type of bed your dog might like, we’d go with a flat, rectangular bed just a bit larger than you think you actually need. Every test dog loved the flat beds. Of the ones we had, the Quilted Super Deluxe dog bed from Drs. Foster & Smith earns […]

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dog bed nightstand 1

Dog Bed Nightstand

This dog bed nightstand is a fun DIY project that gives your canine pal a special place to sleep near his human. You can upcycle an existing nightstand, or start with a new, unfinished piece of furniture. We provided a place for Fido to sleep down below, and on top we’ll add a new stained top […]

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