cage for dogs 1

Cage For Dogs

Why do you need a crate for this puppy? He's six months old- and really shouldn't need to be put in a cage. Dogs are happiest when they can move around. Too many trainers have pushed them on people- that now it's supposedly normal. It's NOT normal or ok. People say, well dogs like dens, […]

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dog crate with divider 1

Dog Crate With Divider

Crate training is a method of house training your puppy or dog. The crate is used to keep your dog confined when you are not able to supervise him. Since most dogs will not go to the bathroom in the same place they sleep, your dog will most likely try to hold it when he […]

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dog bed pads 1

Dog Bed Pads

heated dog beds: dog heating pads & self heated dog beds Shop Petco’s full-range of heated dog beds and dog heating pads to help your furry-friend fall into a deep and restorative sleep during cold nights. You may find your pooch could benefit from a heated dog bed if you notice them gravitating to the […]

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german dog collar 1

German Dog Collar

Leash & Collar Tips To Keep Your German Shepherd By Your Side January 20, 2015 / Health And Care / By Shepped / 2 COMMENTS German Shepherds are big dogs that are extremely strong. Taking a GSD outdoors without a leash on can become a huge problem for both the dog and the people around […]

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fleece lined dog collar 1

Fleece Lined Dog Collar

Batman v. Superman – Collar Edition Whether you’re a fan of the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel, or both, you’ll love these Superhero Embroidered Fleece Martingale Dog Collars. Handcrafted in Minnesota by our artisan partner, these embroidered collars feature Batman or Superman insignia along with personalization in thread matching the iconic characters’ symbol. Crusade […]

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tough dog crate 1

Tough Dog Crate

The Strongest Heavy Duty Dog Crates Available Plus Soft-Sided, Wire, Plastic & Wood Dog Crates to Suit All Your Small, Medium, and Large Dog Containment Necessities Our durable heavy duty dog crates are specifically designed for strong dogs. These dog crates can save a dog’s life if they suffer from separation anxiety or other conditions […]

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picture of a papillon dog 1

Picture Of A Papillon Dog

The Papillon, whose name comes from the French word for butterfly, is a portrait come to life, the modern representation of the small spaniels often seen in paintings from centuries past. The dwarf spaniel, as he was once known, has changed somewhat in appearance over the years, but he’s still the same wonderful companion who […]

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velociraptor dog costume 1

Velociraptor Dog Costume

Anyway, about this velociraptor costume for dogs. As long as you don’t have a jerk pooch like the one from that Jack Nicholson movie where some chick asks him how he writes women so well and he says he thinks of a man and then removes all reason and accountability, the canine garb is kind […]

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extra small dog bark collar 1

Extra Small Dog Bark Collar

Additional Details Despite its small size, this electronic bark collar unit deters even the mightiest bark. This small unit uses vibration and sound to ensure that only your dog’s barking is detected. As your dog barks, he receives a safe but annoying “static” correction. Unlike a shock collar, this innovative bark collar begins with fairly […]

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dog costumes for kids 1

Dog Costumes For Kids

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. They’re always helping out around the house by fetching the paper, sitting by your feet at the recliner or by slobbering all over your mother in law. Okay, maybe dogs aren’t your best friend ALL the time. Like when they try to bite the mailman or when they […]

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