Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Why did you choose this? Dog.com Store Friend had one David k on Mar 28, 2017 My dog has long hair & with this collar there is no matting of the hair under the collar Don H on Feb 5, 2017 good looks Eric B on Nov 27, 2016 I have a nylon padded collar […]

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costco dog bed 1

Costco Dog Bed

If you’re not at all sure what type of bed your dog might like, we’d go with a flat, rectangular bed just a bit larger than you think you actually need. Every test dog loved the flat beds. Of the ones we had, the Quilted Super Deluxe dog bed from Drs. Foster & Smith earns […]

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pictures of dog breeds 1

Pictures Of Dog Breeds

What to Watch for in Dog Breeds Don’t make a rash decision. Puppies grow up. It’s easy to fall for the cutest one you see, but be sure to consider the long-term commitment involved with getting a dog. There will be bills for everything from food and veterinary care to grooming and toys. Every dog […]

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calming collar for dogs 1

Calming Collar For Dogs

Directions: Take the collar out of the packaging and stretch to full length. The tabs that held the collar in place should fall off when stretching; pull on any remaining tabs to remove them. Bend the buckle in half between the holes in the buckle, so that you can easily pass the end of the […]

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star wars dog collar 1

Star Wars Dog Collar

Reserved for Galactic Royalty In a galaxy far, far away, a collar was born – The Stormtrooper Embroidered Fleece Martingale Dog Collar, to be exact. Handcrafted by our artisan partner in Minnesota, this embroidered martingale collar was inspired by the Galactic Empire’s loyal army and features the iconic white armored Stormtroopers in a filmstrip-like design. […]

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large dog crate 1

Large Dog Crate

Thank you so much for this article and your website in general. We have a 20 month old rescue puppy who started life as a “designer” dog, white German shepherd and yellow lab. She looks like a white German shepherd, but she has the personality of a lab, and although our sixth dog in 55 […]

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dog crates amazon 1

Dog Crates Amazon

#4 – MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate Review – Best Small Dog Crate The MidWest iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate is our pick for the fourth best dog crate on the market! This pet crate scored well in quality, features, size, aesthetics, and price. This pet crate is nearly identical to our top reviewed dog crate, […]

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personalized dog collars 1

Personalized Dog Collars

Collars: Measure Your Dog for the Right Fit Proper collar fit is vital for your dog’s health and safety, yet many dog owners don’t know how to determine whether their dogs’ collars fit correctly. Choose a collar that allows you to easily slip two fingers into the collar without touching your dog’s fur. Of course, […]

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best dog training collar 1

Best Dog Training Collar

The Dogtra 280NCP (Size: Standard) is an ultra-compact 1- dog system which packs all the features of the bigger Dogtra units into a system designed for smaller dogs. The 280NCP features “nick”, constant and plus non-stimulating vibration modes. This training collar has a half a mile range and is totally waterproof.This best dog training collar […]

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dog shock collar with remote 1

Dog Shock Collar With Remote

Dog Remote Training – Remote Training Collars and Electronic Dog Training Collars from petco.com Reinforce good behaviors and quash bad ones with the latest technology designed just for your four-legged friends. Dog remote training tools let you take your canine’s training to the next level and are recommended for experienced dog owners, professionals, and behaviorists. […]

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