Month: May 2017

blue dog shelter 1

Blue Dog Shelter

How to Sponsor To be a sponsor is to provide monetary funds to the Blue Dog Shelter which then helps provide housing, health care, training, and food to an individual dog or the shelter as a whole. Sponsoring is a huge part of the survival of the Shelter. Read More Amazon Wishlist You can make donations […]

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extra large dog cage 1

Extra Large Dog Cage

Dog crates are not only used to housetrain your dog, but they are also used for housing your dog comfortably and securely. While it is common for there to be a wider selection of crates and other dog supplies for smaller and medium-sized breed dogs, it can often times be difficult to find a crate […]

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washable dog bed 1

Washable Dog Bed

Depending on the breed, size, and age, a dog will sleep for anywhere from 12 to 18 hours out of 24. With all that time lying down, doesn’t it make sense for your pet to have a comfortable place to nap? A dedicated dog bed will give your family friend a place all his or […]

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kelpie dog pictures 1

Kelpie Dog Pictures

The first “Kelpie” was a black and tan female pup with floppy ears bought by Jack Gleeson about 1872 from a litter born on Warrock Station near Casterton, owned by George Robertson, a Scot. This dog was named kelpie after the mythological shape shifting water spirit of Celtic folklore. Legend has it that “Kelpie” was […]

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chain dog collars 1

Chain Dog Collars

The Petco Chain Control Collar for Dogs is an excellent dog training tool. Dog chain training collars, sometimes incorrectly referred to as choke chains, choke collars or slip collars are an effective and humane training product when used correctly. We like to refer to them as control collars because that is exactly what they do, […]

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do bed bugs bite dogs 1

Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs

Bed Bug Bites Bed Bug on Hand Bed bugs feed on blood as their only source of nutrition. In order to mature into adults, they must feed once during each of their immature stages. Adult females also need blood in order to produce eggs. Although bedbugs do bite humans, they are not known to transmit […]

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extra large dog houses 1

Extra Large Dog Houses

dog houses: large to small dog houses & igloos Find a wide-variety dog houses that can satisfy your dog’s natural need to den at Petco. From small A-frames and portable huts to large weatherproof and adorable log cabin style dog houses, we have the outdoor shelters and accessories necessary to best fit your pooch’s individual […]

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dogs pictures of dogs 1

Dogs Pictures Of Dogs

1 / 19 Dog Skin Problems The sound of a dog constantly scratching or licking can be as irritating as nails on a chalkboard. But don’t blame your pooch for these bad habits — a skin condition is probably the culprit. Possible causes range from parasites to allergies to underlying illness. WebMD has compiled images […]

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dog house for large dog 1

Dog House For Large Dog

Dog House Buying Guide What should you be looking for in a dog house? Most of all, you want your dog to be comfortable. That’s why Sam’s Club features ASL Solutions insulated dog houses. These dog houses are insulated to keep your dog warm on those chilly winter nights, and some even include floor heaters […]

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outside dog beds 1

Outside Dog Beds

outdoor dog beds: waterproof, weatherproof & outside dog beds Come to Petco for the outdoor dog beds that can help your pup get some fresh air while they catch some ZZZs. Outside dog beds can also be a comfortable place for them to lay down and join in on backyard hangouts and bonfires. And because […]

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