Month: March 2017

xs dog collar 1

Xs Dog Collar

We understand that sometimes an issue will arise. All we ask is that you give us an opportunity to fix it. It is our ability to handle these issues to and beyond the satisfaction of our customers that sets us apart. Errors and issues don’t happen often, but when they do you can count on […]

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indestructible dog bed 1

Indestructible Dog Bed

× Only Tough Stuff Indestructible Dog is different from other dog stores in that we only sell the toughest dog stuff. Period. We don’t add just any product to our lineup. All of our products go through rigerous testing in the Laboratory before being added to our permanent collection. We want to make sure that […]

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where to put dog crate 1

Where To Put Dog Crate

Why should I consider crate training my dog? Dogs are hard-wired by their genetic history to be den animals. A den is a small, safe, well-defined space. It is a place in which dogs feel instinctively safe. It is also a place that they instinctively avoid soiling. The combination of these two native traits are […]

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flounder costume for dog 1

Flounder Costume For Dog

dog costumes: funny dog costumes & halloween costume accessories. Dog costumes are an adorable way to include your favorite pup in any holiday or festivity. Whether it’s Halloween, a themed event, or fun holiday party, has a great selection of festive dog costumes available! All costumes are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. […]

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beach dog collars 1

Beach Dog Collars

Nautical dog collars are a staple in Annapolis, Maryland where our dog boutique resides. From sailboat dog collars to other boating dog collars, you’ll find a fabulous variety of styles and sizes. Our coastal dog collars also provide a wonderful collection of beach dog collars including starfish, turtle and crab collars. Our unique dog collars […]

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dog collars with name 1

Dog Collars With Name

Collars: Measure Your Dog for the Right Fit Proper collar fit is vital for your dog’s health and safety, yet many dog owners don’t know how to determine whether their dogs’ collars fit correctly. Choose a collar that allows you to easily slip two fingers into the collar without touching your dog’s fur. Of course, […]

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louis vuitton dog collar 1

Louis Vuitton Dog Collar

Detailed Features – Monogram canvas, leather backing, golden brass pieces- For dogs measuring 13.3″ to 16.5″ around the neck- Baxter dog lead available separately- Diameter 34 cm < Ø < 41 cm or 13" < Ø < 16" PRODUCT CARE To preserve the beauty of your product, we recommend following these guidelines for its care: […]

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pictures of havanese dogs 1

Pictures Of Havanese Dogs

Following the French, Cuban and Russian revolutions, the Havanese were almost extinct. Now rare in Cuba, the breed has been facing a crisis through the 1900s, but is presently on the rise in popularity, having some dedicated believers in the breed who are actively campaigning for its preservation in the USA. This dog belongs to […]

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Dog House Blueprints

11 Custom Insulated Dog House Plan by Ron Hazelton This dog house can be built to fit any sized dog, small to large, and is insulated to keep your dog warm. This is a great all around dog house plan that even a beginner can handle.This free dog house plan has videos to go along […]

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dog dinosaur costume 1

Dog Dinosaur Costume

You might think that dressing up your canine companion is going to be a real chore, but with these clever costumes, suiting them up is a breeze! Velcro fasteners and comfortable materials ensure a loose enough fit so that your pet can be totally immersed in their character, and still have the freedom of movement […]

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