Month: January 2017

dog ears costume 1

Dog Ears Costume

Pig tails, Elephant ears, Clown noses and Devil ears! No matter what costume look you are trying to recreate, the focus will always be primarily on your face. Getting the make up or facial features that are appropriate for your character will get you well on your way to a costume look that is superlatively […]

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small dog crates 1

Small Dog Crates

To us humans, a dog crate may look like a cage, or a jail. But to a dog, a crate is its den, its bedroom, its sanctuary. With the right training, your dog will not view going into the crate as a punishment, but as a natural, safe place to be. Crating a dog can […]

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modern dog bed 1

Modern Dog Bed

Ultra Modern Pet offers one of the largest selections of not only modern but unique dog and cat beds on the market.Most of our modern pet beds are handmade, not only domestically but many are imported from around the world. We feature the work of talented designers located in England, Italy, Spain, Germany,Estonia, Russia and […]

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pinch collar for dogs 1

Pinch Collar For Dogs

Hello, The collar should not slide over the dogs head. It should fit snug on the neck and rest just below the jawline. The prongs are a bit difficult at first, but they become easier over time. You can also by a Herm Sprenger Quick release prong collar which eliminates the need to squeeze an […]

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leather martingale dog collars 2

Leather Martingale Dog Collars

I am very impressed with my martingale collars with adjustable leather and chain with clip from BLD. I have purchased two of these for my dogs and they not only are unique in their design, making them easy to adjust and take on and off of my dogs, but they are very functionable and effective […]

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bark collar for small dogs 1

Bark Collar For Small Dogs

Our Pick For SafetyFor those dog owners who are not comfortable about using static correction anti-bark collars, the safest and most effective option would be a citronella bark collar, such as this PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar. Buy It on This product contains a compound named ‘Citronella Bark Collar’, which is commonly used to […]

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how to make dog beds 1

How To Make Dog Beds

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dog paw pictures 1

Dog Paw Pictures

Paw Print. Vector Paw Print Paw Prints. Logo. Vector Illustration. Isolated vector Illustration. Black on White background. EPS Illustration. paw vector icons paw print. vector illustration Paw Print. Flat design style eps 10 hand drawn doodle of animal footprint, Vector illustration. Black footprints of dogs, turn right -vector illustration Abstract seamless pattern – black ink […]

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ikea dog bed 1

Ikea Dog Bed

IKEA DOG BED HACK! Want an easy, stylish dog bed? It's just two Ikea Lack tables (you know those $7.99 wonders). You will assemble one like normal and then take top of other and glue it to bottom of legs (making a cube). Use a good wood glue, I used gorilla glue. The the extra […]

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dog crate training 1

Dog Crate Training

Crate Training Defined Dogs are den animals, which means they like to have their own personal space (den) to rest, take a nap, or hide from thunderstorms. Crate training is a practice that uses a dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. Even though den animals like to have an area that’s all theirs, it […]

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