Month: December 2016

padded leather dog collar 1

Padded Leather Dog Collar

Why did you choose this? dogIDs Store It is a beautifully crafted collar. Having a large Rottweiler I felt I needed a collar to match his good looks! Chelsea R on Mar 29, 2017 it looks like great quality! This is a gift for a hunting dog! jantze h on Jan 12, 2017 Love the […]

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unique dog crates 2

Unique Dog Crates

I am in the process of redecorating our living room, and the changes I’ve made haven’t left a great place to store our dogs’ crates. My pomeranians are small, but even their tiny crates are an a eyesore. I’m ready to find a more attractive solution to the problem! I’ve done some research and found […]

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hot dog costume for dachshund 1

Hot Dog Costume For Dachshund

The Hot Diggity Dog wiener dog hot dog costume is a simple outfit that just slips right over your doxie. As dachshund owners, we know how serious our fur babies take their food, and become, umm..fluffy. This costume attaches with Velcro straps, so if your doxie has a waspish waist or is more chunky it […]

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buy dog bed 1

Buy Dog Bed

Buy a Bully Bed for Your Large Dog If you have searched pet stores far and wide to try to find a suitable bed for your big canine but have had no luck, it’s time to shop for a Bully Bed. Each large Bully Bed is made specially to adequately comfort and support bigger breeds. […]

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xl dog crate 1

Xl Dog Crate

Our crates are in stock and ready for shipping, so choose the Midwest Dog Crate that is ideal for your pet, and we will ship it to you straight away. We believe in these products and are confident that you will find Midwest Dog Crates well-built, great-looking and strong enough to last a lifetime. Your […]

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female dog collars 1

Female Dog Collars

Celebrate and share your dog’s personality and style with a pet collar made in USA. You’ll find a fabulous selection of unique dog collars including dog bow tie collars, nautical dog collars and other designer dog collars. Size doesn’t matter, you’ll find small dog collar options and fun large dog collars. We’re not your ordinary […]

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starmark pro training dog collar 1

Starmark Pro Training Dog Collar

The StarMark Pro Training dog collar provides gentle, effective control in a patented humane design. The high strength links are designed to fit together in a watchband like pattern. The pronged link design is gentle but effective in enforcing pack leadership.These training collars will help prevent pulling and lunging from your dog. Aesthetically, these training […]

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light for dog collar 1

Light For Dog Collar

SplashResistant Rapid USBCharging Dual Pair LED’S Dual OpticalFiber Strips Three NightFlashing Modes Over 10 HoursBattery Life 30 DayGuarantee  Learn more about Squeaker “The Squeaker Poochlight™ is safety Squeaker style. Keep your dog safe and in sight with the worlds most advanced LED light up pet safety system.”Poochlight™ are not only the brightest illuminating dog collar and leads available, Poochlight™ is also […]

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dog crates for sale 1

Dog Crates For Sale

Fold and Carry Crates The fold and carry crates are among the best for the owner who travels often. The setup and teardown is easy. This is the more traditional type of crate we carry, that provides your pet a secure place whether at home or on the road traveling. Ideal for when you have […]

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orvis dog collars 1

Orvis Dog Collars

With Orvis coupons, you can stay warm and dry on a predawn fly-fishing trip—without abandoning a sharp sense of style. Half fly-fishing and hunting gear, half clothes and home goods, Orvis’s inventory dresses men, women, and dogs whether they’re headed outdoors for a camping trip or staying inside on a rainy day. Apparel includes cashmere […]

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