coach dog collar 1

Coach Dog Collar

Blue Leather Coach Collar If you love a simple, streamlined look, this leather collar in navy blue will suit your taste nicely. It’s easily recognizable as Coach with its simple style free of gaudy embellishments. If you love a simple, streamlined look, this leather collar in navy blue will suit your taste nicely. It’s easily […]

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chew proof dog bed 1

Chew Proof Dog Bed

Our durable dog beds know how to take a beating—or a biting. The double-layer construction used in this line is specifically designed to withstand even the most persistent chewers, diggers, and all-around bed-shredders. Even if your pet has run through tough dog beds before, it has finally met its match in this one. This line’s […]

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weiner dog costumes 1

Weiner Dog Costumes

As Halloween(er) approaches, I thought I’d share – what are in my mind – my 10 best costumes. Of course this is far from all of them, and I’m not even including my characters and outfits here, such as that of Chef Crusoe, Dr. Crusoe, etc. The below includes only those I consider to fall […]

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large dog crate walmart 1

Large Dog Crate Walmart

This is one the best crates that I have ever had the privilege of using. I have a lot of crates in every size but I was pleasantly surprised when this crate arrived and the size of it. Large really does mean LARGE, it was much bigger in size than my extra large Remington crate. […]

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custom dog houses 1

Custom Dog Houses

Kool Cat Kottage See Cat House See All Houses 3 things to consider when choosing a dog or cat house What you need to know about red-white cedar and treated lumber? Blythe Wood Works is a family-owned and operated business in South Carolina that began in 1990, out of a need for a quality wood […]

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cool dog houses 1

Cool Dog Houses

Chihuahua’s Pueblo Toto’s builder made his home in the authentic architectural style of a true pueblo home including wood posts (vigas), stucco siding and a terra-cotta floor on the inside. Mini Mansion This pup palace was designed to match the owner’s house and it was built using the same materials. Brooklyn Brownstone City dwellers Buster […]

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paracord dog collar 1

Paracord Dog Collar

Liz Fraser Sure, I’ve encountered paracord bracelets before, but I’ve never thought of a paracord collar! This is a very creative and practical idea, I’m definitely sharing with my family. It’s useful in emergency cases, but I believe more individual research should be put in case the emergency situation actually comes and one can efficiently […]

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heavy duty dog crate 1

Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you frequently take your dog in the car or like to travel with him wherever you go, a dog crate is the first thing you want to purchase after your new pup. A dog crate normally becomes a sacred spot for most dogs, it’s the place where they’ll spend a fair amount of time after […]

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dog crate pads 1

Dog Crate Pads

Dog Crate Mats Dog crates can create a place of safety and security for puppies and adult dogs alike, especially if crate trained from a young age. But without a soft, cushy dog crate mat, your dog will be left resting her head on a cold, hard, plastic or wire floor. Add a level of […]

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dog collars and leashes 1

Dog Collars And Leashes

Dog Leashes & Collars Your dog loves to walk, but do you love walking your dog? If you are finding yourself being dragged around by your curious canine, tied up in leash knots, it’s probably time to start leash training. It may come as a surprise to first time pup parents, but dogs don’t naturally […]

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